The management of the society headed by the dynamic executive have the expertise and experience to deliver the products and confirming to international standard. Above all dedicated work force undertakes. The buyers typical needs of quality, quantity and time scheduled to fulfill the fashion need of the discerning Buyers.

   Every process Kanhirode weavers' right from procuring the raw material to the process finished goods has Stringent quality control at every stage.all the process are non-carcinogesic and eco friendly applying technology retaining the tradition crafting techniques.

   Nearly ... 400 families are very actively and creatively engaged in a tireless and ceaseless handicrafting in this revered institution.

  The technique and methodology employed in the production process are still the same, handed over from generation to generation. Inspite of changes and innovations flooded in the field of production, in casewhere the modernisation affect the quality. These, in turn has bestowed upon the products, a uniqueness of lusture, texture and fineness that always started the test of time. This makes our products distinct from the others.
          Above all ,the emphasis on quality and commitment.